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Be aware

Access to the documents below will be embedded in applicable tasks. Assume that these directions could be made public. Workers can copy the contents, take screenshots, etc.

Image Moderation guidelines should provide detailed explanations and examples of how content should be moderated. A link to these guidelines will be included in every Image Moderation task.


Images are sent to multiple worker to ensure quality. If their answers differ, a senior worker will make the final decision or (rarely) choose to escalate the decision back to you or your Client Success team. These instructions are specifically for adjudication workers. Image Moderation directions usually don't change but adjudication guidelines is the best place to provide direction on when to escalate an image.


Escalation guidelines should include directions that improve future Image Moderation. These guidelines are included in every Image Moderation task. This is a helpful place to include internal steps to refine your Image Moderation guidelines.


Moderation Codes

Status Category Description Actions
Alcohol Odit voluptas excepturi consequuntur quas quia, at accusamus eos.
Child Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.
Violence Lonsectetur adipisicing elit. Labore officiis temporibus accusantium.
Drugs Eum ipsum provident laboriosam incidunt tempora facilis labore doloremque.
Gambling Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.
Offensive Laborum nam eos iste dolorum rerum. Quidem commodi esse labore saepe unde? Reiciendis, saepe.
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